Our Mission

We harness the best of scientific psychology and organizational development research to design programs and interventions that help people in the Consultation Room, the Board Room, the Classroom and the Courtroom to solve problems of everyday living.

Our Team

D&D Consulting is a specialized team of psychologists, educators and developers dedicated to creating engaging, interactive programs designed to mitigate risk.

Steven Dranoff, Ph.D.

Founder | Licensed Psychologist

James Garofallou, Ph.D.


David Appelbaum, Psy.D


Anda Ritter, Ph.D.


Erik Dranoff, Ph.D.

Forensic Psychologist

Eric Spears

Program Specialist

Jared Anthony, Ph D


Kevin Dranoff

Marketing Director

Rob Posner

Video Production

Delphin Barrel

Character Illustration

Lisa Renna

Account Manager

Kyle Yancius
Kyle Yancius


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